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E - F

enthusiastic about (or over). He is enthusiastic about his new career. You definitely have good reason to be enthusiastic over the possibility of owning a home.

equal to. The horsepower of this lawnmower is not equal to the power of the newest model.

equivalent to. Eight thousand pounds are roughly equivalent to ten dollars.

essential to. The pilot felt that strict discipline was essential to the success of the flight attendants' training.

evident to... from. It was evident to us from his attitude that he was quite disturbed.

evolve, into: The universe has evolved into a highly complex system of constellations. The school is constantly evolving into an institution that serves the community.

example, for. Certain foods have a high cholesterol content - for example, red meat.

exchange (for), in. I will give you a pack of candies in exchange for your pen.
Willard's contribution obviously helped us arrange the meeting; what should I give him in exchange?

excited about. The ladies' morning club is excited about its cultural visit to Rome.

export to. Our company exports strategic infrastructure material to developing countries.

expression to. Don't remain silent. It is not a crime to give verbal expression to your feelings.

faith in. I do not trust politicians. I have no faith in their promises to improve the economy.

faith, in good (or bad). The legal system expects all written contracts to be made in good faith. If you make a promise that you don't intend to honor, you are acting in bad faith.

faithful to. Although injured by the car, the dog remained faithful to his master and led him to safety.

fall back on, "use in an emergency." We have plenty of cold turkey and canned beef; we can fall back on that if they stay for lunch.

fall behind, "make less progress than expected." Please attend the meetings regularly so that you won't fall behind.

fall in. a. "Collapse" (used with a building or a part of a building). That 1940s barn is going to fall in some day. The walls fell in when the house caught fire. b. "Agree." If you explain your plan, the employees will fall in with it. c. "Line up." The soldiers fell in after their meal.

fall off, "decrease." Trade has fallen off since the Christmas season.

fall out (with)... (about or over), "quarrel; become unfriendly." Mrs. Colson fell out with her cousin about the conduct of their real estate business. The twin brothers fell out over the inheritance.

fall through. "fail". If you had listened to my sound advice, your project would not have fallen through.

familiar to. Those expressions are not familiar to me.

familiar with. I am not familiar with that person.

famous for. That architect is known for his unique method of designing interiors..

fashion, after a, "in one way or another but not very well." The mechanic repaired my vehicle after a fashion.

favor (of), (in). I am in favor of doing that. All in favor say, "Aye." Please do me the favor of being quiet.

figure on: a. "Intend." I am figuring on going to a play tonight. b. "Expect." I was figuring on your helping me out tonight.

figure out, "solve; understand" (S). Have you figured that Math problem out yet? Husbands sometimes complain that they cannot figure their wives out. I cannot figure out how to treat my teenage son.

fill in. a. "Substitute." While Mr. Bleaker is on vacation, Mrs. Tripps will fill in for him. b. "Complete (a document, etc.)" (S). Have you filled in the registration form for your license.