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D - E

discourage by..(from). Don't be discouraged by one failure from trying again.

disgusted with. I am disgusted with that child's habit of spitting.

dismiss from. We were dismissed from the meeting without prior notice.

distance, in the. From the Capitol building you can see the White House and Pentagon in the distance.

distinct from. The dietary habits of people in the southern part of the territories are quite distinct from those in the northern part.

distinguish from. My little brother can't distinguish one truck from another.

do away with, "eliminate; discard." I am going to do away with all these old toys.

do in. a. "Exhaust, tire" (S). Does a long trip do you in? b. "Kill" (S). A heart attack did Mr. Ledderman in.

do out of, "cheat" (S). That cashier did me out of fifty-five cents.

do over, "repeat, do again" (S). If you do not do your grammar homework correctly, the instructor will ask you to do it over.

do up. a. "Wrap and tie" (S). Have you done up the present for your sister?

b. "Comb and fasten (hair)with pins" (S). Many women do their hair up before going to bed. c. "Launder" (S). Why don't you have a dry-cleaner [laundry] do your shirts up?

do without, "manage without." Can't you do without a few cigarettes while watching the game? If there's not enough ice-cream, I will do without.

doubtful about (or.. of). I am doubtful about his ability to do the job well. The teacher was doubtful of the possibility of going on the field trip.

draw up, "compose; write" (S). The vice-president is drawing up a new proposal for the finance committee.

dream about (or of). a. I dreamed about my sister again last night. b. I bet you are dreaming of your next vacation right now.

drop in (on), "visit without prior notice." a. I can't get much work done when you drop in unannounced.
b. Drop in on me whenever you like, but a phone call would be appreciated beforehand.

drop out (of). "leave; quit attending." Many pupils threaten to drop out of school; but most don't.

drunk on. Have you ever got drunk on apple cider? Dean is drunk on love.

eager for. Everyone is eager for news about the upcoming royal visit.

earnest, in. Please believe me. I mean what I say: I am in earnest. [very serious]

earth, on (an intensifier; used after superlatives, who, where, everything, etc.). Mr. Dickonson is the nicest person on earth, but why on earth did he say that?

eligible for. Are you eligible for benefits from the army?

eliminate from. He eliminated several key clauses from the original copy.

encourage in. All of the actor's fans encouraged him in his work.

end of, at the. You will be excited to know that the solution of the crime comes at the end of the novel.

end in. The Joneses' marriage ended in divorce.

engage in. Dr. Solomon engages in scholarly activity. The committee is engaged in a virulent discussion right now.

engaged to. Miss Myerson is engaged to Mr. Haggerty; they will be betrothed in June.

enter into (or, less frequently, in), "take part in; be a part of." Mrs. Sonenson entered into the overblown atmosphere of the occasion. The subject of fiscal responsibility will enter into the contract discussions.

enter on (or upon), "begin." David has finally entered on a career. The marketing department has entered upon a new publicity campaign.