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C - D

contrast to, in. That gentleman is certainly in contrast to his wife as far as thriftiness is concerned.

contribute to. The company contributes ten percent of its profits to charity. Parental neglect definitely contributes to juvenile delinquency.

convince of. It was impossible to convince them of the value of the plan.

cooperate with.../ in. I refuse to cooperate with her in that matter.

count in, "include (in a project, game, etc.)" (S). Be sure to count me in when you play bridge.

count on, "rely on." I need a bookkeeper I can count on.

count out, "exclude (from a project, game, etc.)" (S). I'm sorry but I cannot contribute any more cash to your business ventures. Please count me out.

couple of, a. I believe she has come here only a couple of times.

course, in due. If you devote yourself to practicing on a daily basis, you will be able to master Tae-Kwon-Do in due course.

course of, in the. In the course of events every person must make delicate decisions.

critical of. The inspector was critical of the way we were investigating the alleged accused.

cut in (on), "interrupt." It is definitely impolite to cut in when two people are conversing privately. I must cut in on your dicussion to bring you some urgent news.

cut off. a. "Stop (someone who is speaking) abruptly" (S). Before I had finished my brief statement, the lawyers cut me off. The indignant operator cut Allan and me off when we were chatting on the phone.

b. "Disinherit" (S). Parents sometimes cut off children who marry without their consent.

cut out for... (or to + infinitive), be, "be disposed; have talent for." Harriet believes she is cut out to be a politician, but she really is not cut out for that kind of career.

danger (of), in. If you believe you are in danger, call the police. If you do not apply yourself, you will be in danger of failing the course.

deal of, a great (or a good). I had a great deal of respect for you. Susan has a good deal of trouble learning Chinese.

debt to/ for/ in. Are you in debt? I am in debt to the credit union for four thousand dollars. I feel in debt to you for your generosity.

decide on. The committee hasn't decided on a plan of action yet.

dedicate to. The author dedicated his book to his wife. The statesman dedicated his efforts to improving international relations.

depend (or dependent) on (or upon).... (for). Children depend on their parents for support. Children are dependent upon their parents for support. You can depend on Albert: he is reliable.

deprive of. The captors deprived the prisoners of adequate food.

desire for. Our desire for adventure usually decreases as we grow older.

despair about, in. Mr. Robertson is in despair about his future.

detail, in. The witness described the accident in detail.

devote to. You should devote more time to studying. Joanne is devoted to her mother.

different from. That story is different from the one you gave me yesterday.

difficult for. That problem is too difficult for your child.

difficulty in. Did you have any difficulty in your last job?

direct to. Can you direct me to the hotel office? You had better direct your energy to getting a good education.

disagree with.....on (or about). Dr. Andrews disagreed with me on (or about) my diagnosis.

disapprove of - The head office disapproved of Jane's supercilious attitude.