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C cont'd

certain of (or about). Is Carey certain of the facts? She seems certain about them.

change from, to. It is very difficult to change from a poor student to an excellent one overnight.

charge (of), in. Mr. Nichols is in charge of the shipping department. When an agent is absent, the next in command is in charge.

clear to - After Mrs. Kelly's explanation, everything was clear to us.

clear up. a. "Become fair weather." This rain can't last; it will clear up soon. b. "Explain (a problem or mystery)" (S). The author cleared up the mystery at the end of the story.

collect from. They were unable to collect any money from the insurance company.

come about, "happen." How did the accident come about?

come to. a. "Concern; be a question of." When it comes to having a reliable doctor, I will always choose Henry. b. "Regain consciousness." Most people who faint come to in a short while.

come up, "arise." We will have to deal with that problem when it comes up.

command (of), in - On a ship the captain is in command. A general is in command of an army.

compete with, for. The students competed with each other for the award.

complain to, .. about / (or of). I complained to the superintendent about the lack of heat. I complained of a lack of fresh air in the office.

composed of. The jury was composed of five men and five women.

conceal from. To her credit, she doesn't try to conceal himself from her admirers. The witness concealed the truth from the prosecutor.

conceited about. That boy seems conceited about winning the game.

concentrate on. The state government is concentrating on improving the northern part of the country.

I cannot concentrate on my homework in such a noisy room.

concern about, "worry about; bother with." You should concern yourself about your future. The woman showed no concern about her actions.

concern with, "interest in; engage in." A doctor is concerned with life and death.

conclusion, come to (or arrive at) a, "decide." I have not yet come to a conclusion about your plan.

Jackson arrived at the conclusion that he should take a vacation.

confidence in. You should have confidence in your abilities.

confuse with. Be careful you don't confuse this word with the other one.

conjunction with, in. The police association works in conjunction with the fire department.

connect ("physically join") to. The pipe is connected to the sewage system.

connect with. The hose is connected with the faucet. Mrs. Juarez is connected with the association of blood donors. I did not connect the stranger with the mysterious parcel in the lobby.

connection with, (in). The caretaker has no connection with the burglary. In connection with his theme, the speaker mentioned a recent news event.

conscious of. They weren't conscious of any change in his attitude.

considerate of. Please try to be considerate of other people's feelings.

consist in, "be demonstrated by; have as a cause or essential nature." Selflessness consists in showing unconditional loyalty to others.

consist of, "have as parts or ingredients." The cake consists of dough, milk, eggs and sugar.

consult about. The passenger consulted the ticket agent about the required payment.