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B - C

bring up. a. "Rear" (S). Larry's uncle brought him up since his mother had died when he was six months old. b. "Introduce into a discussion" (S). Mr. Bell brought your name up at the meeting.

burn down, "burn completely" (used with buildings) (S). The Johnsons' barn burned down last month.

burn up. a. "Burn completely" (used with anything combustible) (S). All of Mr. Ball's furniture burned up in the fire. b. "Anger" (S). The malicious gossip about his son burned Mr. Simms up.

business (with), in. Ms. Spencer has retired: she is no longer with our company. Jack is in business with his uncle.

call down, "reprimand" (S). The swimming coach called Jill down for being late.

call for. a. "Come or go to get." William will call for Janet on his way to the movie. I will call for the laundry on my way home. b. "Require, demand." Nursing calls for kindness and understanding.

call off, "cancel" (S). The president called the meeting off because there was no business to conduct.

call on: a. "Go to visit." Ms. Biggs serves tea when her colleagues call on her. b. "Ask to speak." You should be prepared when Mr. Fosse calls on you for your homework. c. "Appeal to; summon." You can call on me whenever you need help. War calls on the loyalty of citizens.

call up. a. "Telephone" (S). Call me up after work. b. "Make one remember" (S). His name always calls up my first day at university.

capable of. Find a job that you like and are capable of doing.

care about. A kind person is someone who cares about other people.

care for. a. "Like." I do not care for steak at all. b. "Tend; watch." A janitor cares for the heating in this building.

carry on, "continue the conduct of" (S). Ms. Celli carried on the business after her partner retired.

carry on, "transport" (S). Pete always carries his tote bag and knapsack onto the plane, but his wife prefers to travel without any burdens.

carry out, "fulfill; execute" (S). If you are given a job to do, you should carry it out.

carry over, "keep for a later time" (S). We will carry that topic over to the next meeting.

case, in any, "anyhow; under all circumstances." You may fail at times, but, in any case, you should not stop trying.

case of, in, "in the event of." I will help her in case of need. Pull the switch on the box in case of fire.

catch on, (to). a. "Understand." Trigonometry was difficult at first, but I finally caught on. Did you catch on to that joke? "Become popular." Some songs in the album have already caught on.

catch up (with), "overtake." The women have just left; if you hurry, you can catch up (or catch up with them).

center (of), in the - Please write your name in the center of the first line.