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1. Sometimes, of course, you have the problem of remembering whether or not a preposition should be used. A preposition is not used with the words listed below when those words occur with the meaning they have in the examples.

abuse. The dictator abused his power.

answer. I answered Mr. Hawkins's letter immediately.

applaud. The audience applauded the speaker's I statement.

approach. The robber approached the house cautiously.

ask. I do not know, but I will ask my teacher.

attend. Are you attending your classes regularly?

believe. Mr. Hamilton will not believe the truth.

change. Alex changed his job last month.

concern. That matter concerns us all.

contribute. Mr. Adams contributed money to the program

doubt. At times, my wife doubts my affection for her.

encounter (verb). I encountered Mr. Murray in Japan.

enjoy. Mr. Williams certainly enjoys a good meal.

enter. The doctor entered the room quietly.

escape, "avoid." You can not escape punishment.

fit. Mrs. Riley's sparkling eyes did not fit her old face.

fulfill. Be sure to fulfill your obligations.

influence. The humidity influences our comfort.

lack. An untrained worker lacks self-confidence.

let. The nurses will not let anybody help them.

make. The teacher's explanation made me realize my error.

marry. Paulson married his first sweetheart.

match. Ed's tie matches his suit.

meet. I met Bill's mother yesterday.

need. Do you need my help?

obey. Children should obey their parents

oppose. Johnson opposes all my suggestions.