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tired of - "emotionally weary of." I am tired of that popular song. Mrs. Long never gets tired of talking about herself.

tired out, "completely exhausted." The candidate was tired out at the end of the election campaign.

tolerant of. You should try to be more tolerant of people's criticism.

transfer to....from. Mr. Peters has been transferred to San Francisco from Miami.

transform into. Jim has transformed himself from a meek person into an extrovert. The group transformed the barn into a theater.

translate from...into. Do you still translate your thoughts from Japanese into English? Blanco translated lbanez's play into English from the original Spanish.

trouble (with), in. Mr. Lewis is in trouble with the bank. You look unhappy; are you in trouble? Did you have any trouble with the last assignment?

try on, "test for fitness or appearance" (S). Women love to try new hats on.

try out. "test for appropriateness" (S) The machine has a guarantee. You can return it if it does not work after you have tried it out for a week.

turn down: a. "Decrease the volume or brilliance of" (S). Please turn the radio down just a little bit. That lamp has three switches; you can turn it down if it is too bright. b. "Reject" (S). The author was very unhappy when the company turned his novel down.

turn in: a. "Go to bed." I usually turn in at eleven o'clock.

b. "Submit" (S). Please turn your homework in at the beginning of the class.

turn into, "transform into." The mayor has turned that apartment building into a hospital.

turn off, "stop the operation of (an appliance)" (S). Did you turn the light off when you left that room? The cook forgot to turn off the oven at twelve o'clock.

turn on: a. "Begin the operation of (an appliance)" (S). I will turn the radio on.

b. "Become unfriendly or vicious toward." Sue is likely to turn on you if you

tell that story about her. The mad dog turned on its owner and bit him.

c. "Depend on." The plot turns on the reaction of the girl to the proposal.

turn out: a. "Extinguish (an electric light) (S). You forgot to turn the light out. b. "Produce" (S). That author turns a novel out every year. c. "Result." Have you discovered how the interview turned out?

d. "Expel" (S). The college will turn a student out if he makes poor grades.

turn out to be, "prove to be." Most rumors turn out to be false. That boy has turned out to be a very good student.

turn over. "give, relegate, transfer." Mr. Brewster turns his salary check over to his wife every month.

The mayor turned over the letter of complaint to his assistant.

turn up. a. "Appear; be found." The guest turned up an hour late. My missing umbrella turned up in the hall closet.

b. "Find" (S). The secretary has turned up the information you wanted.

two, in. The woodsman cut the log in two with one blow.

typical of. His unkind remark was typical of an envious person.

understanding ("knowledge; comprehension; interpretation") of. The student showed no understanding of the problem. My understanding of the wording differs from yours.