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take up: a. "Consider, discuss" (S). Congress will take the proposal up next week.

b. "Begin; develop the habit of" (S). When did you take up smoking?

c. ''Shorten" (S). That dress is too long; you had better take the hem up.

d. ''Tighten" (S). If you take up the screw on the bottom, that lamp will stand straight.

e. ''Occupy; consume" (S). That huge bed takes up most of the room. I read to take up the time while I was waiting.

talent for. Julia shows great talent for acting.

talented in. Julia is very talented in that sort of thing.

talk to about. John talked to the man about plans for the summer.

taste, in good (or bad or poor). Mary's conservative clothes are always in good taste. Your cynical remark was in poor taste.

tear up, ''rip into pieces" (S). Lucy tore the telegram up and put it in the basket.

tears over. (or about), in. The child was in tears over the loss of her doll.

technique ("method'') for (or of). The instructor devised a technique for explaining the problem.

technique ("skill") in. The artist shows good technique in shading.

tell by (or 'from'), "recognize by." You can tell by the clouds it is going to snow.

tell from, "distinguish between." Can you tell one twin from the other?

tell on: a. "Reveal secrets of.'' Children are likely to tell on their parents. b. ''Produce noticeable or severe effects on." Age has started to tell on Mrs. Lynch. Mr. Hart's drinking certainly tells on him.

term of , in. The committee discussed the proposal in terms of its real cost.

thank for. The officials of the school thanked the man for his generosity.

theory, in. Some suggestions that seem all right in theory are not good in practice.

think about: a. "Consider." I am thinking about taking a trip next month. b. "Be one's opinion" (in clauses beginning with 'what'). What do you think about John? Have you found out what the boss thinks about your suggestion?

think of : a."Remember." I will tell you that boy's name as soon as I think of it. b. "consider." I would not even think of asking him for a loan. c. ''Be one's opinion'' (in clauses beginning with what). What do you think of John? I know what the boss thinks of your suggestion. d. "Have a mental image of." I think of Mr. Powell primarily as a grammarian. e. ''Form (an idea or thought)." Can't you think of anything to write about?

thoughtful of. It was thoughtful of you to buy a gift for them.

time being, for the, ''temporarily.'' For the time being, Jack is staying at a hotel.

time, in due. If you continue to practice, you will become an expert in due time.

time for (or time + infinitive), in, ''soon or early enough (to do something).- We got to the show in time for the beginning. We got to the show in time to see the beginning.

time (flat), in no, "quickly, very soon'' The test was very easy. 1 finished in no time. The company answered my letter in no time flat.

tired from, ''physically exhausted from.'' The maid is tired from ironing the clothes today.