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shut up: a. "Close" (S). It's five o'clock; let's shut up shop. b. "Stop talking" (this is usually an impolite expression) (S). The only person who can shut Hilda up is her mother.

sight (of), in. After six days the shore came in sight. We were finally in sight of land.

similar to. Isn't this example similar to the other one?

smell of. That closet smells of moth balls. It has a smell of moth balls.

smile at. Most clerks smile at customers.

solution to. Have you found the solution to that problem? Some people think that money is the solution to all difficulties.

sorry about. Harry said he was sorry about his mistake. Paul was sorry about forgetting the ice cream.

sorry for. Mr. Spencer felt sorry for the victims of the flood.

speak of, "mention." Mr. Lin never speaks of his former wife.

speak on, "give a speech concerning." The professor spoke on metaphysics.

speak to.....about. (About is the most frequent preposition meaning "concerning"; 'on' and 'of' have specialized uses). Did you speak to the newsboy about the paper? Mr. Snyder spoke about going. Mr. Lin never speaks about his former wife. The professor spoke about metaphysics.

spite of, in. The traveler continued his journey in spite of the warning. In spite of the fact that he was afraid, Johnston volunteered for the assignment.

stand out, "be conspicuous or prominent." Mary's red hair makes her stand out in any group. Printers italicize words that they want to stand out.

stand up) for. ."defend -support" If you don't stand up for your beliefs, no one else will.

stop from. Nothing can stop Mary from saying what she believes.

style, in. That dress was in style ten years ago. But it is out of style now.

submit to. a. "Send to." The author submitted his short story to several editors. b. "Yield to." I refuse to submit to his authority.

substitute for. Since Perry is ill, we need a substitute for him. You can substitute garlic for onions in that sauce.

succeed in. You must work hard to succeed in your studies. Did the police succeed in catching the robber?

successful in. Were you successful in finding out the man's name?

succession, in. I have three meetings in succession this afternoon.

sudden, all of a, "suddenly". Mary Lou was sitting by the window when, all of a sudden, she screamed.

suffer from. Floridians suffer from the cold when they go to Maine. The crops are suffering from the drought.

suggest to. Why don't you suggest your plan to the members of the committee?

suitable for. Do you think this suit will be suitable for the occasion?

supportive of. We are not very supportive of your choice of Jean for the position of cook.

superior to. The coach believes that Beliveau was superior to Gretsky. The rich feel superior to the poor. Do you think that skating is superior to skiing?

supply with. You should supply yourself with several pencils and paper before you go to the exam.

sure of (or about). Are you sure of your answers? It's hard to be sure about something like that.