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rich in. Trinidad is rich in mineral resources.

rid of. You should rid yourself of that bad habit. You should get rid of that bad habit.

right away, "immediately." I want you to do that work right away.

ruins, in. The city was left in ruins by the conquerors.

run across: a. "Find unexpectedly; meet by chance." I ran across my high school diploma last night. b. "Convey by car" (S). The chauffeur will run you across to your office.

run down: a. "Say unkind things about, disparage" Mrs. Bach enjoys running her friends down.

b. "In bad physical condition." You can catch cold easily when you are run down. c. "Stop" - (used with a spring machine.) If you do not wind your watch, it will run down. d. "Hit (with a car)" (S). If you drive fast, you may run a pedestrian down. e. "Find" (usually with some effort) (S). I have finally run down that poem you wanted.

run into: a. "Collide with." Mrs. Jensen ran into a truck this afternoon. b. "Meet by chance.'' I ran into an old friend of yours today.

run out ((of), ''exhaust the supply (of)." I have only a little flour; I hope I do riot run out while I am cooking.

run up: a. "Increase'' (S) If you are not careful, you can run up your grocery bill very easily.

b. "Raise (a flag)" (S). The janitor runs a flag up over the post office every morning.

rush, in a. New Yorkers always seem to be in a rush.

sake (of), -for the. Mike kept quiet for the sake of keeping peace. For your own sake, you should not work so hard.

sale, for. That house you like is now for sale.

sale, on, "temporarily at a reduced price." The grocery has apples on sale today.

satisfactory for. That man should be satisfactory for the position.

satisfactory to. Does his writing appear satisfactory to you?

school, in. The children are all in school right now.

search for. I am searching for that book you want. Did you make a thorough search for your watch?

see about: a. "Consider." My father said he would see about getting me a bicycle. b. "Attend to, arrange." My landlady sees about my bed linen. c. "Consult about '' I saw the mechanic about the knock in my car.

see to, "attend to." The housekeeper will see to the arrangements for the party.

self-defense, in. The girl claimed that she had killed the burglar in self-defense.

sense, in a. In a sense, your explanation is right, but there is a better one.

shop for. The two women went shopping for new spring hats.

short, in, "in a few words; in brief." The story, in short, is about a poor man who finally wins success.

short of. May I give you a check? 1 am a little short of cash.

shut off, "cause to stop operating; extinguish" (used with electrical or mechanical appliances) (S). Why don't you shut that motor off when you are not using it?