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put out: a. "Extinguish" (S). When you go to bed, be sure to put your cigarette out before you put out the lights. b. "Expel" (S). College students may be put out if they violate regulations. c. "Annoy, irritate" (S). George certainly put Helen out when he told that story about her. d. "inconvenience." (S) Carl does not mind putting his friends out if he needs something from them.

put up with, "endure, tolerate." Mr. White is so easygoing that he will put up with anybody.

quarrel with .....about (or over). That man constantly quarrels with his wife about money. Why should you quarrel over such a small point?

quibble over (or about). The staff quibbled over these three phrases.

read in. Did you read the news in the paper? I read that explanation in a book.

ready for. You should be ready for them when they come.

reality, in. Mr. Connors looks like an aggressive man, but in reality he is timid.

reason for. Do you have any reason for complaining about your grade?

reason, for no particular. Last week Jack gave up his job for no particular reason.

rebel against. The slaves finally rebelled against their masters. That child rebels against any form of discipline.

recommend to...for. The foreman recommended him to the boss for a promotion.

refer to. Refer to the instructions. The man didn't refer to his accident at all.

rely on. He's very dependable: we can rely on him to help us tomorrow.

remainder of, for the. After dinner we conversed for the remainder of the evening.

remind of. That boy always reminds me of his father at that age.

remove from. His name was removed from the list of members of the club when he did not pay his dues.

representative of. This short story is representative of the author's work.

repugnant to. The thought of war is repugnant to me.

reside in. The Joneses reside in a large house in Newark. The cause of the friction resides in the men's dislike for each other.

resistant to (less frequently, against) Some plastics are resistant to household acids.)

respect for. Fred shows very little respect for his parents. I really respect that man for his honesty and willingness to defend his views.

respects, in all. That boy is commendable in all respects.

responsible for. Is a husband responsible for his wife's debts? The janitor is responsible for keeping the building clean.

rest of , for the. I will be on vacation for the rest of the month.

result (verb) from. Tragedy can result from thoughtlessness.

result (verb) in. Thoughtlessness can result in tragedy.

result (noun) of. Tragedy can be the result of thoughtlessness.

return (for), in. Mother gave Jimmy a piece of candy in return for his good behavior. Clarke gave Louise a handbag, and she kissed him in return.

return to ... from. When did Charles return to his home from the hospital?