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place, in one's - If I were in your place, I would accept the gift. Since Jean is sick, Bill will go in his place.

plan on. We're planning on speaking to Mr. Harris tomorrow.

pleased with (or over). We were pleased with the results. My friend is pleased over the good news.

plenty of. Flowers need plenty of water and sunshine. Laura gave me plenty of chances to change my mind.

point of. Alice finally reached the point of assenting to my proposal.

point of, on the, "about to; on the verge of." Mr. Smith was on the point of revealing his secret when his wife came into the room.

point out, "indicate" (S). When I could not find the right street, a policeman pointed it out to me.

positive of (or about). Are you positive of that? The man seemed to be positive

possession of, in. You should be in possession of all the facts before you make your decision.

prefer to. I prefer vanilla ice cream to chocolate. I prefer tennis to hiking.

preferable to. I think traveling by air is preferable to traveling by train.

preparation for. Have you made any preparation for your final examination?

prepare for. You should prepare for the examination. We are prepared for almost anything that might happen.

present at. Twenty guests were present at the party.

present, at. At present, Mr. Lynch is in Honolulu, but he will return in a week.

prevent from. I want nothing to prevent you from getting an education.

prison, in. All of the rebels are now in prison.

private, in. I want to discuss the matter with you in private, not in front of other people.

probability, in all. In all probability, the mail will arrive before noon.

process of, in the. The committee members are right now in the process of voting.

produce from. Aluminum is produced from bauxite.

profit from. We can all profit from traveling. Did you make any profit from the sale?

prohibit from. Shyness prohibited Mark from speaking.

proper for. I want some stationery that is proper for social correspondence.

protect from. The heavy lining in the coat will protect you from the cold.

proud of. John's parents were proud of his good school record.

provide ( +direct object). Don't worry, I will provide all the food for the picnic.
I heard that the company will provide the necessary documents for the sale of the property.

provide ( +indirect object - someone, him, her, them, etc.) WITH. Arnold's parents provide him with everything he needs.
Their father provided them with an excellent opportunity to become educated and respectable.

public, in. Most ladies do not apply cosmetics in public. That hermit has not been seen in public for years.

purpose of, for the. Mr. Sims wrote the editorial for the purpose of publicizing the needs of the inmates

of the hospital.

purposes, for practical. The kitchen has been designed for practical purposes.

put off, "delay, postpone" (S). Since John cannot come tonight, we are going to put the party off until next week.

put on: a. "Don" (S). George put his hat on when he left the house. b. "Assume falsely; be ostentatious" (S). Mr. Fox puts on an air of knowing more than he really does. Some people who rapidly become wealthy put on about their importance.