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N - O - P

need (of), in. I am in need of assistance. The Red Cross helps people in need.

need of. Zelda has need of sympathy. Ronald is in need of sympathy.

nothing, for

a. "Uselessly." You did all the research for nothing, it was the wrong assignment.

b. "Without charge." The electrician repaired my radio for nothing.

object to. Why does he object to your going? He doesn't object to it at all.

obtain from. My friend finally obtained the information from the agency.

occasion, on, "now and then; occasionally." We do not use our car very often; we drive it on only on occasion.

off and on, "irregularly." Willard doesn't attend classes very often; he goes off and on.

once and for all, (for), "definitively; now and never again." The attorney settled the dispute for once and for all. Once and for all, I am telling you I didn't do it.

once, for. For once, little Jimmy had had enough ice cream.

once, for this. I will let you try my new sewing machine for this once but not again.

one, for (a mild intensifier, usually after I). I, for one, don't believe your outrageous tale.

opinion, in one's. In my opinion, Danson's opinion seemed the least biased.

opinion on (or about). What is your opinion on that subject? I really have no opinion about the matter.

order to, in. Mrs. Stevens put her glasses on in order to see the fine details of the contract.

own, for one's very. Molly does not want to share her desk. She wants one for her very own.

paper (or papers), in the (paper = "newspaper"). I saw that story in the paper this morning. Charles's picture was in the papers yesterday.

part, for the most, "considering the greatest part; mostly." For the most part, his lecture was quite clear.

part, in, - "partially." - the girl's explanation was correct in part.

participate in. He loves to participate in all kinds of social activities. Did you participate in the meeting that was held last night?

particular, in. I have nothing in particular against the boy; I just do not like him.

patience with- A clerk must have patience with all customers.

patient with - Some people are not patient with little children.

pay for - How much did he pay for the car? We paid the man for his help.

payment for, ... in - Mr. Wills sent her a check in payment for the work she had done.

perfect for - This small suitcase is perfect for weekend trips.

persist in - You must persist in your studies.

person, in. You have to make the application in person; no one else can do it for you. The movie star appeared in person in the theater.

pick out, "choose, select" (S). Do you like someone to go with you when you pick a suit out? [or/....when you pick out a suit?]

pick up:

a. "Make orderly" (S). Mr. Willis leaves his clothes scattered all over the room; he never picks them up.

b. "Take (somebody) along in a car, ship, etc." (S). If you are going to the meeting, I will pick you up in half an hour.

c. "Make active; increase" (S). The new interest rate should pick business up.

place, in, "in the proper location." In Mrs. Johnson's house everything is always in place.

place of, in. Mary used the new tablecloth in place of the dinner mats.