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M - N

made up of, "composed of." Your home is made up of all your possessions.

make head or tail of, "understand." Mr. Crawford couldn't make head or tail of the conversation.

make of. a. "Construct or compose of." Some people make their minds up at the last minute.

Those pots are made of bronze. b. "Understand- to be (used in questions)." What did you make of Ronnie's message? c. "Cause to be or seem." Persecution made them realize equality was worth fighting for.

make off, "escape, run away." The culprit made off when he saw a car rounding the corner. The accountant made off with a thousand dollars.

make out:

a. "Understand" (S). The writing was so illegible that I could not make it out.

b. "Manage; do; get along." How did you make out on that exam?

c. "Complete (a form ) (S). Before you take the course, you must make an application out. [or you must make out (fill out) an application.

d. "Pretend." Philip made out that he could not understand the language.

e. "Construct." That chair is made out of pieces of dried bamboo.

make over.

a. "Remake; alter" (S). Heather made her coat over into an evening jacket.

b. Give legally" (S). Mr. Stonewall has made his business over to his heirs.

make up.

a. "Compose" (S). Kitty is making up a list of guests for the ball.

b. "Invent" (S). Mama made up a bedtime story for the small children.

c. "Become reconciled." That couple had an argument, but they have made up.

d. "Compensate for; prepare" (S). You should make up the lessons you intentionally missed.

e. "Apply cosmetics" (S). Betty made herself up in the bedroom. Betty made up in the bedroom.

make up one's mind, "decide" (S). I can't make my mind up whether to go out or not.

matter, for that. Gregory works very hard, but, for that matter [but in fact], so does his father.

matter of fact, as a, "really, in truth." I haven't been feeling very energetic lately; as a matter of fact, I feel ill. [sick]

matter to. The state of the economy matters a great deal to all of us.

member of. Is your country a member of the world organization?

membership in. That new nation has requested membership in the United Nations.

middle (of), in the. The Christmas tree rested in the middle of the room. The men sat by the windows and the women sat in the middle.

midst (of), in the. Dr. Fleming grew weary in the midst of his speech.

mind, in. The president promised to keep me in mind for the next available position. What do you have in mind for me to do?

mind, in one's right, "sane." Sayde was not in her right mind when she wrote her will.

mind, out of one's, "insane." Nat was out of his mind when he wrote that message.

need for (a requirement which is felt as a desire; also, used before the subject of an infinitive). He spoke of the need for cooperation. There is no need for you to worry.