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K - L - M

known for. That school is known for its excellent medical faculty.

lack of, for. The show was canceled for lack of interest.

laugh at. Please don't shout at them in public: it's not polite.

lazy about. Cookie is lazy about paying her rent on time.

lean on (or against). He leaned on the top of the table. Please don't lean against the car. It has just been polished.

lean toward[s]. I am leaning towards not voting for that proposal. He is leaning toward going on vacation next month instead of next week.

leave out, "omit" (S). Please don't forget to invite Morris to the dance; I do not want to leave him out.

lend to. No one around here cares to lend money to him any more.

liberal in. You are very liberal in your thinking when it comes to disciplining the children.

liberal with. The instructor is notoriously liberal with her lending policy.

lie on. The injured man lay on the ground writhing and moaning in pain.

lieu of, in. The majority stockholders accepted shares in lieu of cash.

them to do the job properly.

limit to. You must limit your story to two written pages. There is a limit to every person's generosity and patience.

listen for. Listen for the beep and then begin. Don't start until you hear it.

listen to. The students listened to the instructions. Just listen to him whistle! The managers listened to the executive consultants.

look after, "take care of." A mother is supposed to look after her children. The secretary looks after Mr. Slater's interviews.

look at. The baby looked at me in surprise. Betsy was looking at a drawing on the wall when I entered. Jane took a look at it too.

Look for. "search for" I must look for that money. I can't recall where I put it. Are you looking for a second source of income?

look forward to, "anticipate" (usually with pleasure). Are you looking forward to your honeymoon? Are you looking forward to traveling abroad?

Look like. Stanislaus certainly looks like his brother. We had better hurry back: it looks like rain.

look out (for), "take care; be on guard (against)." Look out for cars, trucks and pedestrians when you cross the street on your bike. The girl warned us by shouting, "Look out!"

look over, "examine" (S). You should look your report over before you give it to Mary.

look through: a. "Search." The secretary is looking through her files for your receipt. Did you look through the paper for that ad about the new car? b. "Look at without appearing to recognize." Jerry's former boss looked through him when he passed him.

look up. a. "Search for" (S) When you don't know a word, look it up in the dictionary. b. "Call; get in touch with" (S). Do you look your cousins up when you go back home?

c. "improving". Zeke felt that his chances for landing a better job were looking up.

lot of, a. Elliot has a lot of money. Pierre had a lot of courage.

lots of. Petra has lots of jewellery. Lise had lots of hope for the future.

love (with), in. By the twinkle in your eye, I would say you are in love. Are you in love with that new employee?

loyal to. The guards were loyal to their leader despite his weaknesses.

mad at.....about. Norman seems mad at her about something or other.