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Below is a list of prepositional phrases or Phrasal verbs....which are verbs followed by a specific preposition; These must be learned or memorized; unfortunately, there are no rules to remember which preposition to use. The symbol (S) indicates that an idiom is separable----which means that a noun or noun phrase may be placed between the verb and the special preposition.


abide by. Every student in the school must abide by the regulations.

absent from. Your brother has been absent from rehearsals for a whole week.

acceptance of. The committee proposed acceptance of the plan to build a new concert hall.

acceptance of... for, "on behalf of." The butler's acceptance of the parcel does not make him responsible for its security.

according to. According to the priest, a decision will be given today.

account for. No one can account for her strange behavior.

accuse of. The intruder was accused of theft. The teacher accused her student of stealing. The child was accused of cheating by the headmaster.

accustom to. The new arrivals had to accustom themselves to new social habits. Ms. James is accustomed to having her own way. They have not yet got accustomed to the new menu.