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(Saturday Night)

Trio Lyra
Suzanne Shulman, flute
Mark Childs, viola
Erica Goodman, harp
Cover Photograph of Trio Lyra: Anthony Hughes, Paul Levy


Harbord Street (1991) Milton Barnes (b.1931) |
Commissioned for Trio Lyra by the Kosower family in honour of the 80th birthday of their mother, Goldie.
World Preniere Recording
1. March (piccolo) 2:15
2. Waltzing 2:48
3. Ragtime 2:24
4. Memory 3:24
5 Pantomime 4:55
6. Saturday Night 3:56
Trio for flute, viola & harp (1988) Srul Irving Glick (b.1936)
Commissioned for Trio  Lyra by Larry Paikin and Donald Rosenthal to honour their wives Marnie and Carolyn.
World Premiere Recording
7. Allegro moderato ma con rubato 6:14
8. Slow, with inner intensity 8:23
9. Sprightly, with good humour 6:01
Touchpoints (1994) HarryFreedman (b.1922)
Commissioned by Trio Lyra with the assistance of the Ontario Arts Council.
World Premiere Recording
10. Touchpoints 12:52
Pleiades Variations, Op. 45 (1998)  Andrew P. MacDonaid (b. 1958)
Commissioned by Trio Lyra with the assistance of the Laidlaw Foundation.
World Premiere Recording
11. 1. Heliacal Rising 11. To the Ships 6:48
12. 111. Merope IV. Maia V. Elektra 8:00
13 Vl. Orion in Pursuit
Vll. Harvest Time: Heliacal Setting 4:37

Total Time: 73:39

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