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(Cassette) Albert Zabel: The Fountain (La source)



Variations for Solo Harp Milton Barnes 9:36
Barnes' virtuosic work, aside from being a showpiece for the harp, has almost a religious aura to it with fragments of jazz-like playfulness. (Commissioned by Miss Goodman, with the assistance of the Ontario Art Council).

The Fountain (La source) Albert Zabel 5:47
Zabel, a German born musician, who made his career in Russia, composed this colourfully impressionistic little tone poem, very much in the manner of Liszt's nature pieces for piano, like "The Fountain of the Ville d'Este".

A Ceremony of Carols - Interlude Benjamin Britten 3:43
An exotic and rhapsodic piece, which develops sequence by sequence. The music becomes more and more elaborate until in the full blush of its complexity, it brings to mind the incomparable Rose of the earlier carols. Then gradually, it comes to an end in a series of everwidening glissandi, leaving an atmosphere already frozen to receive the next carol.

Two French Folk Songs Marcel Grandjany  4:00
Le Bon Petit Roi d'Yvetot Et Ron, Ron, Ron, Petit Patapon
Marcel Grandjany, the foremost French harpist of our time, displays his gift as a composer in these charming and colourful settings of two well known French folk songs.

The Harmonious Blacksmith Georg Friedrich Handel  5:10
Arranged by Carlos Salzedo, the music comes from that period of Hàndel's life which led to the composition of "The Water Music" and as such, it is proudly melodic and affirmative in its expressive content. The thematic framework is of a simplicity that lends itself ideally to Hàndel's decorative technique throughout the course of its five variations.

Impromptu-Caprice Gabriel Pierné   5:52
Distinction and grace mark French composer Pierné's music. The varied texture in the Impromptu-Caprice, which he wrote in his early twenties, is no exception. This work truly displays the versatility of both the harp and the player.

Sarabanda e Toccata Nino Rota  7:33

Nino Rota is best known as a film composer, having written scores for such movies as "The Godfather" and "Romeo and Juliette". In this work, he uses a classical form, reflective, tranquil, and melodic, to the point of becoming vocal. Virtuosity is present, but so are expressive and rhapsodic elements.

Giga Arcangelo Corelli  2:03
Arranged by Carlos Salzedo, this charming dance piece by the great 17th century violin master has achieved popularity among symphonic concert audiences in the string orchestra transcription by Eltora Pinelli.

Rhumba Carlos Salzedo 1:30
Written in 1943, the Rhumba represents, in striking fashion, Carlos Salzedo's unique exploitation of the dynamic and colouristic sonorities of the harp - a subject on which he spent a virtual lifetime.