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Conjugation of the verb TO BE


Simple Present: I am, you are, [he, she it ] is ..... we are, you are, they are

Simple Past: I was, you were, [he,she, it] was... we were, you were, they were

Present Perfect: I have [not] been, you have [not] been, [he,she,it] has [not] been...

we have [not] been, you have [not] been, they have [not] been She has been in Bolivia many times. He has been there only once in his life. I have never been to Spain. Have you ever been there?

Present Perfect: Questions:

Have [ I, you, we, they,] been ... to New York?

Has [he, she, it] been a dancer?

Past Perfect: To Be: She said she had been a doctor in China when the war began.

I, you, he, she, it, we, they... / They said they HAD BEEN / very young at the time the volcano erupted. I had been / you had been / he, she, it had been / we had been, they had been

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Conjugation of the verb TO HAVE: Simple Present tense

I have, you have, [he, she, it] has, ..... we have, you have, they have

I don't have, you don't have, [he, she, it] doesn't have, we don't have, you don't have, they don't have...any money

For Example: I do not .../ I don't have any information about the party.

[or../ I have no information ....about the party]

TO HAVE - SIMPLE PAST TENSE: I - you-had../ he-she-it had../ we-you -they- had...

I had a good time at the party../ I had lunch at the restaurant../ I had a baby last week../
I had a headache../ I had breakfast already../ etc.

TO HAVE: Present Perfect tense: ACTIVE VOICE

I have had../ you have had../ he-she-it../ HAS had../ we-you-they..have had /

..a wonderful time at your party.

TO HAVE - Past Perfect tense:
I - you - he-she-it- had had../ we-you-they../ ..had had: Example: The time I spent in London was the best vacation I had ever had.
If I had had the time, I would have written you a letter.